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Virginia Commonwealth University Investment Management Company (VCIMCO): A Thoughtful Approach to Strategic Investment

Charged with safekeeping more than $1.5 billion in investments supporting a major public university and research hospital, COO William “Il” Lee of Virginia Commonwealth University Investment Management Company (VCIMCO) carries a heavy responsibility. Hirschler’s investment management team provides ongoing legal support to Il in expanding and protecting the endowment assets managed by VCIMCO.

The Hirschler team helped organize VCIMCO in 2015, and since then has worked closely with Il to develop form agreements, navigate conflicts and secure tax exemptions. Like many other university-sponsored management companies, VCIMCO’s goal is to reduce the investment and legal risk of its portfolio, reduce both underlying manager fees and internal costs and align liquidity of the investment portfolio with the need of VCIMCO’s investors to fund current VCU projects.

Importantly, by pooling assets and operating at lower cost, VCIMCO offers its clients efficient access to investment opportunities that might not otherwise be presented to them. Brian and his team provide Il similar value. With vast experience negotiating on behalf of institutional investor and investment manager clients nationwide, Hirschler’s investment management team is able to offer legal excellence with business efficiency. 

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