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Virginia contractors are aware that licensure is required for any construction work. In this post we identify five nuances of licensure that contractors should consider.

Contracting without a license (or the proper classification) can be catastrophic to a contractor’s ability to recover payment on projects or maintain its business. In this blog we discuss the general requirements for contracting in Virginia. 

Employers faced with possible OSHA violations often want to shift blame to an unruly employee. This is called the defense of “unpreventable employee misconduct.” An employer is not relieved of responsibility simply because an employee did not follow the rules. In order to assert this defense effectively, an employer should take note of these four tips.

Several bills are pending in the 2017 Virginia General Assembly that could impact construction in the Commonwealth.

We previously discussed on the blog what to do before an OSHA inspector arrives on site. But what should a contractor do during an OSHA inspection? The following are several tips that will help an OSHA inspection go as smoothly as possible.

Most contractors have at least considered (maybe with dread) what may happen if an OSHA inspector arrives at a jobsite. But many contractors fail to do all they can to prepare for an inspection before the inspector arrives. Here are five key tips to ensure that you are prepared.

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