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As we near the mid-point of 2023, the economic outlook continues to remain uncertain at best. The Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, sending ripple effects throughout the markets. While the employment data continues to be strong in most sectors, inflation has only subsided minimally, leaving many to wonder what the remainder of 2023 will bring.

This year’s Virginia General Assembly Session is for the most part complete and, as usual, Virginia lawmakers addressed (in some cases unsuccessfully) multiple construction industry issues. Here is a rundown of the House and Senate bills that passed and will become new law as of July 1. A few bills that did not pass and some that might live to be the subject of debate later this year or in next year’s Session are also included.

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Your company has been named an additional insured on a certificate of insurance. Is that enough? Possibly not. This blog shares how a New York court recently declared that a construction manager was not an additional insured despite being named on a certificate of insurance.

Many design and construction contracts and subcontracts contain a “waiver of subrogation” provision in the contract’s “Insurance Requirements” section. But what exactly is “subrogation” and what does it mean to “waive” subrogation rights?

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Contractors are often asked to name someone else as an additional insured on their policies. Care must be exercised to ensure that the status of additional insured is properly granted.

Many businesses rely on professionals and laborers retained and assigned through staffing agencies. In a decision released yesterday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that insurance coverage for the negligent acts of those borrowed employees turns on the language of the insurance policy at issue, not the terms of the staffing agreement between the staffing agency and its client.

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