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The Ridings

The Ridings is a distinctive, attractive community with a strong sense of place enhanced with natural beauty within Varina.  Originally envisioned by Atack Properties, D.R. Horton is excited about realizing the vision of high-quality homes surrounded by and located among 360 acres of preserved opens space.  This page provides information on the Ridings community, information on D.R. Horton’s plans and information on a zoning modification request D.R. Horton filed with Henrico County.  We welcome you to learn more about the lifestyle and housing opportunities the Ridings will bring to Varina. 


This community is generally located north of the intersection of New Market Road and Long Bridge Road, west of Yahley Mill Road, east of Turner Road.


The Ridings was originally zoned for a high-quality, commercial and residential community by Atack Properties prior to Bob Atack’s passing.  Atack was one of our region’s premiere developers of quality communities.  D.R. Horton, one of the nation’s premier community builders, is excited about completing Mr. Atack’s vision for a high-quality residential community in Varina. 

Our economy has changed since the zoning for the Ridings was amended in 2012.  In addition, Henrico County and the community came together to adopt the Route 5 Corridor Study in 2018 (the “Route 5 Plan”).  The vision for the Ridings has evolved along with the economy and the guidance provided by the Route 5 Plan. 

Community Design

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is a hallmark of this new community.  91 acres are Henrico County park and open space land.  This includes:

All historical sites on the property have been evaluated by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers.  The Army Corps of Engineers issued a finding that the creation of the Ridings Community would have no adverse impact on historic properties listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Natural Features Preservation

Over 60% of the community, or 360 acres, will be preserved open space.  The natural beauty and critical environmental features will be a central part of the Ridings. 

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High Quality Housing

The Ridings will provide a range of high-quality housing opportunities in Varina.




Cluster Principles

Homebuyers seek high-quality homes on smaller lots so they can lead a lifestyle with less yard maintenance.  Homebuyers want to be active and socialize, instead of spending time on their yards.  The Ridings follows cluster principles to provide the smaller home sites homebuyers seek.

D.R. Horton’s Plans

D.R. Horton will begin construction the Ridings with a first phase of 67 homes near the intersection of New Market Road and Turner Road.  The required buffer along Turner Road will be provided.  With these improvements, D.R. Horton will also construct the Fort Southard park improvements.  D.R. Horton expects to begin construction in the Spring of 2022 and projects completion of the Ridings 8 years from then.

Zoning Modification Request

D.R. Horton filed a request to make adjustments to the existing zoning.  This request does not include the first phase.  These adjustments are requested to reflect the change in consumer demand since the 2012 zoning amendment and to apply cluster development principles, as encouraged by the Route 5 Plan. 

In 2012, the Ridings was approved for commercial uses and 650 homes.  This was half of the number of homes planned for by Henrico County in its land use plan. Since then, the commercial uses were removed and converted to park land and open space for Henrico County.  The requested zoning modification includes the addition of 120 homes.  This represents just over half of the number of home identified for the property in the County’s land use plan.  With these changes to the commercial and residential uses, the vehicles using the neighboring streets is reduced by almost 70%. A copy of the traffic engineer's analysis may be found here.

The requested zoning modifications also include:

The requested adjustments provide an opportunity to further enhance the best design for the Ridings Community and Varina consistent with consumer demand.

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D.R. Horton, Inc. is an Equal Housing Opportunity Builder.

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