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The hard work of ILPA’s Model NDA Working Group led by partner Ed Klees takes center stage in a recent article published in Private Equity Law Report.
You will recall that ILPA released a new model NDA (Model NDA) in January 2021. The Private Equity Law Report article, available to subscribers hereanalyzes the rationale for the Model NDA, its key features, its interplay with click-through confidentiality agreements and its potential impact on the PE industry. To better understand ILPA’s objectives and the Model NDA itself, the publication interviewed representatives from ILPA, LP counsel and GP counsel.
The authors note, “the Model NDA’s terms are largely uncontroversial, and there is clearly an appetite for such a document – it was downloaded 400 times on its first day of release.”
Click here to view our previous coverage on the New Model NDA.

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