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Army Navy Country Club: Fair Solutions and Fair Value

When Captain Tuck, Chairman of Army Navy Country Club Board of Governors, Raighne Delaney, Club Secretary, and Patrick King, GM, received a tax bill almost three times as much as surrounding clubs in the greater Washington DC area, they knew it wasn’t fair.

After a failed attempt to obtain some relief, their tax consultant recommended contacting John Walk, co-chair of Hirschler’s litigation and alternative resolution practice. He knows a thing or two about what’s fair and what’s not – especially regarding taxes on real estate.

Taking the municipality to court every few years to collect a tax refund was not a long-term solution. Fair market value was the issue. John and his colleague, Andy Sherrod, knew from the outset ANCC needed a permanent resolution that would be acceptable and fair to the County and the Club. The Hirschler team worked with ANCC and Arlington County to establish a new methodology for assessing taxes on country clubs going forward.

Hirschler’s deep understanding of all facets of real estate was the key to successfully obtaining that permanent resolution. Beyond their reputation for outstanding civil procedural know-how, John and his team know real estate. They know how assets are valued – and how they should be valued. This unique perspective going into a tax appeal allows them to focus on the task at hand more readily, saving clients time and money. And that’s fair value.

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