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Bristol Group: When There’s No Substitute for ‘Being There’

Like Hirschler, California-based Bristol Group has broad geographic reach, investing in and developing complex real estate projects on a nationwide basis.  

To keep innovative real estate projects moving forward, company Executive Director, Stacy Fuchs, and Managing Director, Dave Williams, must trust that their legal advisors will respond quickly and nimbly across time zones and also provide continuous education on important topics. That level of trust isn’t built overnight: it’s developed over time, through consistent results and meaningful human interaction.

This is why Hirschler lawyers Webb Moore and Kelly Bundy prioritize visits to Bristol’s San Francisco headquarters. Meeting face-to-face creates the opportunity to provide specialized, in-depth training and allows both groups to share ideas in a conversational format. This approach prepares Dave, Stacy and others on the Bristol Group team to more effectively negotiate their construction contracts for complex multi-family, office and industrial projects. Being on-site also allows the Hirschler duo to solidify existing relationships, meet new team members, ask questions and listen to concerns.

Though the digital age has brought clients closer than ever before, Webb, Kelly and the team at Bristol Group know that face-to-face interaction is fundamental to strong working relationships. For Hirschler and the team at Bristol Group, sometimes there really is no substitute for “being there.”

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