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Productive AV: Simple Reliable Solutions

When entrepreneur Juan Bialet went looking for legal counsel for his growing technology company, he did so with managed expectations. As CEO of Richmond-based Productive AV, Juan was skeptical he would find a lawyer who could keep up with the ever-changing needs and demands of his thriving A/V, event and physical security business. Hyper-focused on delivering efficiency and value to its customers, Productive AV needed a lawyer who could offer practical advice on a host of issues at a moment’s notice.

As an experienced construction lawyer, Nate Story wasn’t an obvious choice to advise Juan’s successful A/V company.  But as Juan would discover, Productive AV and Hirschler serve many of the same industry sectors and share several clients in common. Like Productive AV, these clients expect pragmatism, efficiency and creativity from their advisors. They have diverse needs and require a deep bench of expertise as they evolve. What made Hirschler an excellent choice for them, was exactly what would make Hirschler a good fit for Productive AV. Over the past nine years, Nate and his team have provided Productive AV with counsel on a host of construction projects, but also with general counsel on employment, corporate, real estate and all other issues that growing companies like Juan’s face.

Team Hirschler’s decisive guidance allows Juan and his management team to move forward with confidence and clarity. As team leader, Nate remains responsive and accessible to ensure that the company is on firm footing as it navigates the future.

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