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Dominion Raceway: Fast Track to the Finish Line

Hirschler partner Charlie Payne doesn’t shy away from a problem. In fact, he likes being the one Dominion Raceway developers Steve Britt and Jerry Evans call when they need help. That’s what Steve and Jerry did when they approached Spotsylvania County about building a visionary, one-of-a-kind motorsports and entertainment complex in 2012. Though enthusiastic about the huge project, the County knew the developers would need help – a lot of help. It was the County who recommended they call Charlie. Spotsylvania trusted Charlie would help the developers and in turn, do great things for the County.

The biggest challenge for any developer is the unknown. Factor in an unprecedented motorsports and entertainment venue with all the typical roadblocks and speed bumps developers face, and the costs add up quickly. Steve and Jerry took on quite a bit of risk. They invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineers, environmental consultants, noise studies and financing before receiving any type of approval to proceed. Risk takers need someone like Charlie to help manage their exposure.

Charlie addressed zoning issues, educated the inexperienced municipality on entertainment venues, overcame initial resistance from the community, and negotiated money with VDOT, the County, and the developers to improve the interchange accessing the proposed complex – all before submitting the application. After a lengthy public hearing, the site was approved in less than 30 days. The entire process only took five months. 

Charlie and his team know it’s not just experience and access that get a project across the finish line. It’s understanding the client’s priorities and being invested in the outcome that lead to the best results. 

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