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On May 4, Hirschler employment practice leader Andy Sherrod was quoted in a Society of Human Resources online article discussing how employers may respond when an employee lies or is suspected of lying about having received the COVID-19 vaccination.

While the article highlights how employers may respond to such a suspicion and the risks of missteps when responding, Sherrod emphasizes the importance of trust in the employer-employee relationship. “As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, everyone in a workplace, from front-line employees to upper management, shares responsibility for keeping each other safe,” he said.

“Trust is – and always has been – another key drive in maintaining a positive culture with a company. So as vaccinations become more prevalent and companies are able to bring more employees back together in person, that trust and spirit of common purpose must continue.”

When trust is breached by an employee who is dishonest about vaccination, Sherrod says, there must be consequences to ensure the company values are maintained.

For the full article, please click here.

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