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On May 18, U.S. District Court Judge Leonine Brinkema (E.D.Va.) issued a 49-page memorandum opinion in which she relied extensively on an expert witness declaration provided by Wayne Travell, managing partner of HF’s Tysons Office.  In her Opinion, Judge Brinkema noted that the plaintiff had relied on six declarations from local lawyers – “all of whom are well-known to and  respected by the Court.”  In contrast, the Court noted, Defendant relied solely on Travell’s affidavit “another local attorney equally well-known and well-respected by the Court.”

The Court found that “Travell’s extensive analysis and the resulting conclusions are sound, and in most respects, consistent with the Court’s view of the reasonableness of the fee petition.”  As she further noted, with respect to Travell’s opinion, “it is the quality of the evidence, not the quantity, that should be considered in deciding factual questions.”

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