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In an article published in the April 3 edition of the Washington Business Journal, Andrew Sherrod shares best practiced for employers dealing with staff members testing positive for the coronavirus.

Sherrod explains that the responsibility falls on the employers to stay abreast of new federal guidance, including from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The rules of the road are changing, at times, by the hour,” says Sherrod.

Some of the steps companies can take during this time, include:

  • Take an employee’s temperature
  • Screen new hires for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Create a mandatory work-from-home policy
  • Inform certain clients or partners of the diagnosed person
  • Ask about related symptoms
  • Quarantine employees with potential exposure from the workplace
  • Inform coworkers of potential exposure

For the full article, Washington Business Journal subscribers may access the April 3 digital edition here.

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